A Planning Guide for Lifts to Answer Your Queries

Planning for an activity as you might be aware of starts with researching, analyzing, anticipating and later influencing by an expert who is repeatedly involved in doing a task, day in and day out.

It is more so when you are at the helm of designing Vertical Transportation needs by way of accommodating Elevators (Lifts), Escalators and Travelator into your project.

What if the expertise and years of continuously updated knowledge is fed to you when you are in dire need of knowledge.

Undoubtedly, you save your time and the time of your team which would have been spent otherwise in learning to find the right fit to your requirement?

And, yes it leads to the availability of a precious spare time that is earned after having completed the activity before the scheduled time.

To be specific, let me take an example for you from the Lift Industry:

In the absence of an expert guidance for the design of vertical transportation needs in your variety of projects,

“Where will you as an architect, a civil contractor, a project management consultant or as a structural engineer, look to find and access to the resources that can be related to your continuously changing project needs?”

How do you even know whether the resources availing the information are expert views and trust worthy?

Can you take the risk of learning by way of experimenting in your client’s project? a straight no right.

At Johnson Lifts, our idea behind developing a Planning Guide was to

  1. Disseminate invaluable information gathered through years of learning. Quite an asset, right!
  2. Provide a first-hand expert guidance to you the Architect, the Contractor, the PMC and the Structural Engineers knowing well that you are the key stake holders of a civil construction project.
  3. Hand-Holding you right from the first stage of drawing the plan till the final stage of putting the plan into perspective that is till the point of erecting an elevator into your project

So, what is the need of Johnson Lifts Planning Guide to you?

It assists you in planning for:

  • Lift shaft dimensions being specific to every single project and the relevant type of mechanism that is Machine Room Less (MRL) or Machine Room.
  • Deciding on the suitable car cabin and its aesthetics.
  • Selecting the flooring type, displays, fixtures and ceilings that make the project look more attractive.

Pick up a Johnson Planning Guide hard copy or a soft copy when you are working on one or more than one of these projects of Individual Homes, Residential Apartments, Commercial Complexes, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, Education Institutes, Hospitals, Government Infrastructure and so on.

“Be assured, this guide is designed with the learnings both good and bad attained after having served a wide variety of projects for 5 decades.”

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